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Refund and Cancellation Policies

Details of a property including its lien, ownership, title and right need to be verified by all customers on their own. They would also need to understand the refund and cancellation policies in a clear way:

Terms of Payment

MIPalace does not store your credit card information at an online location wherein it's possible for a third party to access it and use it. Upon completion of your online transaction, all of your credit card information is wiped off; this puts an additional layer of security over your personal and financial information. Any piece of information concerning your electronic money transfer may affect your financial situation; MIPalace understands that and ensures total protection of financial and personal data.

MIPalace shall not be held responsible for any disclosure of personal information as well as damages and losses arising out of such instances. Such information may include data included in online transactions involving financial verifications, debit cards and credit cards.

Refund due to transaction failures

Our team of professionals would work on a 24x7 basis towards resolving payment reconciliation issues. However, no guarantees are offered to users regarding the refund timings and process accuracies involving their bank accounts and cards. Holidays or working days as followed by various financial institutions, challenges associated with the current online infrastructure, and an increasing number of transaction processing and monitoring organizations are always taken into account in this regard. MIPalace reserves the right to acknowledge and cancel refunds in respect of property contents that are either objectionable or wrongfully listed.

Your right to access the website is blocked and your profile gets terminated in the event you fail to remain compliant as per our Terms & Conditions. This is done to prevent any misuse of our electronic payment platform.


Your access or use of 99acres or its contents can be restricted or terminated by MIPalace under all circumstances without prior notification; this might happen due to a number of reasons perceived or judged by MIPalace as an act of inconsistency or violation of terms and conditions.

Liability Restrictions

MIPalace does not share any responsibility of customer data alterations, un-authorized access, destruction and theft, failure in communication line, delay in transmission, data deletion, interruption, omission and error.

We won't also be responsible for technical malfunctions involving websites, traffic congestions, e-mail, software, computer equipment, providers and servers. Likewise, any physical or financial damage caused to users won't be shouldered by MIPalace.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is of utmost important for all our users under different circumstances.


A sole arbitrator will be consulted in the event of a dispute (involving MIPalace and any user/users) arising out of website usage in respect of any alleged provisional breach of agreement, implementation, interpretation and validity. This arbitrator has to be identified by MIPalace as a third party that acts in a neutral and independent manner. On both the parties involved in such disputes, the arbitrator's decision will be binding and final. The current ground for such arbitration is Kolkata. The proceedings of arbitration shall abide by the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996.

Use of Provisions

The way you're supposed to use 99acres is governed by an agreement that you arrive with MIPalace. Certain inconsistencies in respect of the terms and conditions of this website or its provisions may be experienced by you, which stand void as per any regulation, order, rule and law set by the government. These inconsistencies are not allowed to influence the terms and conditions by any means.

Legal Guidelines

Both for the terms and conditions as well as for other matters involving MIPalace, the Indian laws would remain prevalent while you access this website.


You must inform MIPalace regarding any violation of our Terms and Conditions through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .