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Once your buying power is determined, you’ll eventually get into the process of investing or buying your property. This is supposed to take things like your borrowing capacity and financial reserves into account. Your choice of lenders is usually restricted with mortgage companies, banks and other individual lenders. Lenders that are best suited to serve you can only be suggested when you provide us with information regarding your current debt, income and savings.


You may only find properties within your budget when you understand your entire financial situation very well. Understanding your financial situation well will also help you understand how much you can invest in your property. This is your time to select a real estate licensee like Mipalace.com; we have all the required resources to help you in searching. Although the market may not show you through properties worth your expectation, the property might still be available. All properties available in the market may require us to do some investigation.

Picking a property

Identifying the right property and choosing it is your most important job. You’ll move through a phase in time when your emotion and excitement are supposed to run high. By obtaining information on every property from us, you’ll find it easier to choose your favorite property. Be it a specific school, zoning or other utilities, we may provide you with vital information on the local community; we have access to information on various resources. It is natural for you to demand a specific environment for your chosen property; you may even wish inquire about the resale value of the property in the event you wish to sell it someone else.


Apart from the repairs, exclusion and inclusion of certain types of equipment or furnishings, there are a few other negotiating factors namely possession date, terms, financing and price. Before you go through the purchase process, the entire property needs to be investigated and inspected (by you) very carefully within the specific period of time mentioned in your purchase agreement. The necessary inspections and investigations are to be suggested by our professionals.

Due diligence

Property evaluation is completed when you have your negotiation agreement in hand. To mention a few, well and septic tanks tests, roof condition, faulty structure, asbestos, dry rot and termite inspections may be included depending on your property area. You’ll be provided with written reports when you hire responsible professionals like us that are qualified to carry on investigations; you may seek more help from us in this regard. Your property title may be displayed in an initial report that will be provided to you; property ownership is indicated by this title. There are some restrictions associated with a majority of property titles. Utility easements can be taken as examples of such restrictions. Challenges that you’re likely to face in the future may be resolved with help from a qualified attorney, Title Company or through a responsible property dealer like us.


Your financial request is approved the sooner you identify that this property is right for you. It becomes easier for you to identify the qualified lenders and various financing options once you start working with us.

Settlement or closing

During the final phase you’re supposed to go through the process of settlement or closing. There are certain specific customs associated with each area. This process is likely to be handled by the escrow or title company in some areas; most of the things are done by an attorney in other parts of the country. The entire process gets easier as you seek assistance from a real estate agency like ours; also make sure that the other things are finely tuned with each other.